I wonder if there are still people in this life have same as this heart, who do a lot for his other part, friend or what kind of relation between any two which requires to give although if he faces the death. It depends to your dignity what god will send to you but even of that why the people don’t try to be same as this mouse, life is too short and what we will gain from it?! Nothing, only a pinky memory in their thoughts

Always I ask myself why do I give a lot to some special people in other hand they give a limit, probably they think that they are giving what’s more than their energy but from the past two days I recognized well that I will stay the best in my giving, kindness, supporting, and loving even if I felt one day that they don’t deserve it. The concern is to imagine this emotion or image of what god is seeing to my act not what they will return it to me

I can’t say that no one deserves to draw a points in my life, or everyone become a devil but what I wanted to say let us learn from this picture how to give without a limit, how to be a strong friend faces all the troubles without acting weak or not saying the real word 

May god bless all