Oh god,, I like him,, I admire him,, I feel that now days there isn’t a man can treat his people like what he is doing.  With real emotions, words and the strength of “Emaan” that god will protect him because he does what we should do it and say it in this life.

Last war he learnt all the insects a lesson that the real “Emaan” won’t be in all the regions without providing the blood and souls. No irons either weapons will be the solution to won any challenge or success a path, it may but the final paradise will be for the “Moomineen” who believes in one sentence the blood not the weapons. 

I wish one day I can meet him to say one word only to him “God bless you for us”.  As what I saw in my dream, I woke up from my bed immediately and wipe my tears with a strong feeling that one day I will meet him.